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Reviews for Desert Mountain Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Desert Mountain Chiropractic patient testimonials below or see online reviews left by our patients at the following sites:
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Health and happiness,
Dr. Clinton Huston

Very Pleased

“For my first time going to a chiropractor I can say I was very pleased. I will and have already recommended Dr Houston to my wife and coworkers. I will definitely go back for future visits.” – Justin

Excellent Service

Thanks for the excellent service from everyone in the office. I truly feel that Dr. Huston listened and took his time making sure he did everything he could to help. Can not wait for my next visit. ~Lisa V.

Able To Stand Straight With Less Pain

Went in unable to stand up straight and in pain and left standing straight and in much much less pain. ~Ryan G.

Very Caring

Dr. Huston has a very caring bedside manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic needs. ~Kathleen J.

Great Experience

It was a great experience and unlike any other chiropractic visit that I have had. I would highly recommend him to anyone! ~Jeff H.

Awesome Office

Everyone is awesome in this office. I will be coming back over and over and over and over again for many years to come. ~Michael L.

Excellent Treatment

Excellent chiropractic treatment and superb office staff! ~Paula A.

Awesome Experience!

An awesome experience! Loved the massage! ~Jennifer B.

Full Mobility Of Arm

I entered the office unable to move my arm and left with full mobility. Dr. Huston is a skilled professional. ~Shelli A.

Helped Our Daughter With Mobility Of Head

I brought my daughter to the emergency room a week prior to our visit with Desert Mountain Chiropractic. She was suffering from toritcollis and was wearing a neck brace unable to move her head. She was in a lot of pain and we were told by the doctor at the hospital that with muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory medication that she would be okay in a couple of days. Well, it wasn’t working. In fact it was getting worse and she became very debilitated! After researching online I found that many people had immediate relief from torticollis through chiropractic care. I had never been treated by a chiropractor and was a bit of a skeptic. I emailed Desert Mountain with my concerns and a very friendly and helpful young lady made a phone call to my insurance company and found out my benefits and scheduled my daughter for that same afternoon. After her first visit her head seemed a bit straighter but still not normal. We went back again a couple of days later and Dr. Huston noticed she had another issue that was causing her pain. He spent a good 20 minutes adjusting her, although painful for her she walked out of that office feeling a whole lot better. The next morning she was able to move her head and was pain free! Dr. Huston was absolutely right, two visits and she was “fixed”! I am so happy to have my daughter back to normal. She’s back in school playing gym and flipping on the trampoline! We are very pleased with Dr. Huston and his staff and if in the future my family has any chiropractic care needs we will be returning. Thank you Desert Mountain. ~Raffaella P.

Excellent Help

I received excellent help and relief from extremely painful leg pain. I’d been in mental pain for over a month the release of the pain help me too feels so much better so much more calmer. I am so grateful. Thank you to the staff, thank you to the doctor. ~Cano E.

Love This Practice!

Love this practice! Thank you for everything, my upper and lower back feel a million times better! ~Nikki D.

Very Thorough

The doctor was very thorough and I feel confident I will get excellent service. ~ Geraldine L.

Great First Visit

Great first visit before our upcoming vacation. Thanks! ~ David K.

Very Friendly

Very friendly office staff. Especially the ladies at the front desk. ~ Chad B.

Able To Keep Up Without Pain

I came home to an active 2 year old to watch all day. I was able to keep up with him without pain. What a pleasant surprise to not have to sit down all the time because of discomfort. Dr. Huston has magic hands. He seemed to know right where the problems were and what to do to take care of them. Thank you so much, it was much better than I expected. I will recommend him to my family and friends for sure. Thank you for making me feel so much better. ~Ruth H.

Very Thorough

Dr. Huston was very thorough. He answered all questions and concerns. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and he made me feel very comfortable. My back is feeling great after my first visit and I will recommend Dr. Huston to anyone that needs to see a chiropractor! ~Camiel W.

Very Comfortable

I was skeptical of going to chiropractor. When I walked in and expressed that to front office, the lady was vary nice and explained some of her own experiences to me and made me feel very comfortable. The doctor was very nice and gentle. ~Shanna M.

Walked Out Feeling Like I Had A New Body

I have no idea what you did but I walked out of your office feeling like I had a new body. You were able to adjust in one appt. what my previous chiro hasn’t gotten in YEARS. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~Elizabeth S.

Excellent Chiropractic Care

Excellent chiropractic care in Queen Creek. ~Diane Z.

Very Nice

The girl in the front office was very nice! The Dr. was also very professional and nice. I will definitely refer people to your office. ~Mary P.


Amazing Experience

An amazing experience from the minute I walked through the doors. I was a walk-in, in desperate need of help I was accommodated and the service was great. The entire staff seemed like family! I felt so at home and comfortable. I walked out of the office feeling like a new person! Thanks to everyone! ~Suzy H.

Prompt With Appointment

The front office was prompt with appointment, friendly and professional. The doctor was knowledgeable, caring and thorough. This is how medical treatment should be! ~Todd P.

Excellent Practitioner

I have been to many doctors over time and found Dr. Huston to be an excellent practitioner who listened and identified my troubled areas and reduced the discomfort I was experiencing in a significant way! My recent adjustment was the best I have ever received and I am so happy to have found him! I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall health and well being. ~Lisa P.

Such A Difference

Such a 180 degree difference from my last chiropractic experience. Dr Huston was professional and got right down to business asking about my concerns and addressing each and every one. I got more care in one appointment than I received in the 3 appointments with the previous chiropractor. Staff were friendly and helpful. Desert Mountain Chiropractic has gained a new patient with one visit. ~Barbara D.

Extremely Helpful

Dr. Huston and his staff were extremely helpful and upbeat. I felt like I was in good hands from the moment I walked through the door. The interaction with Dr. Huston far exceeded my expectations. He was very thorough and I left feeling much better than when I came in. I have the greatest confidence that Dr. Huston can and will help with my sciatica and back pain. Thank you Dr. Huston. ~Patricia N.

It Was Phenomenal

Yesterday was my first visit with Dr. Huston and it was phenomenal. Upon arrival the staff was very welcoming and efficient. With just one treatment I walked out of his office with most of my pain and discomfort gone. Today, I am pain free which is quite remarkable after being in pain for over 8 weeks. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I would not hesitate to return to him in the future. Thank you Dr Huston! ~Margaret M.

Very Happy With Staff

I am very happy with the staff and doctor!
~Becky L.

Listened To Questions

I am so happy we came to Dr. Huston. He really listens and asks questions throughout the appt. Friendly staff and a wonderful experience. ~Kelley T.

Time Dedicated

Dr. Huston dedicated more time and attention to me than any other chiropractor ever has. He listened very well and consistently asked for my feedback. I very much appreciated his time and attention. What a great and friendly staff at this office. A wonderful visit from start to finish! ~Ashley A.

Great Experience

It was a great experience. I felt like the doctor really listened to my pains and spent a great deal of time on adjusting me and giving me tips on how to continue to make me feel better at home. I will be referring friends and family! Thanks! ~Nicole C.

Eased My Back Pain

I appreciated how they saw me right away and helped ease my back pain. ~Nancy S.


I had never been to Desert Mountain Chiropractic, I was very impressed on how fast they were able to get me in to see the doctor. Very affordable and they make you feel right at home, keep up the good work! ~ Jose N

Great Experience

My first visit was a great experience. I was running late and got lost but Dr. Huston was willing to wait for me. With just one treatment I was walking out of his office with all my pain and discomfort gone. It was refreshing that he said I did not need to return unless I was hurting again. In the past, I was told by other chiropractors to return 3 times a week for 6 weeks and that should work! Dr. Huston is honest and competent and I have already recommended him to my daughter and coworker. ~ Linda W

Huge Difference

When first coming to my appointment I was very nervous as I have never been to a Chiropractor and did not know what to expect. I was made to feel very at ease and noticed a huge difference after my adjustment and woke up the next morning feeling awesome. Will definitely be back to see the doctor and can’t wait to have my first massage appointment there at the office this afternoon. Thank you for making my first experience a positive one. ~ Denise S

Amazing Doctor And Staff

Amazing doctor and staff. Best treatment I’ve ever had! Thanks doc and Amanda. ~ Susan C

So Happy

I was so happy to be adjusted on my first visit and skip over all the unnecessary “consultation” business! I was really out in my neck and shoulders and it was a relief to be able to have some instant relief! Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again next week! ~ Cassie A

Very Accommodating

The staff was very accommodating and was even able to see me earlier than originally anticipated. The doctor was professional and friendly. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and it definitely exceeded my expectations! ~ Kayla C

Great Visit

I had a great visit! I’ve been searching for a chiropractor for awhile, and I think I have found the right one :) ~ Jaime L


Impressed after first visit. I will definitely be back ~ Rachel C

Very Good Experience

I will continue treatment until my problem is resolved; a very good experience. ~ Robert R


Dr. Huston and the staff were amazing! I really enjoyed my visit and I feel great!!! I will definitely be back! ~ Jessica L

Thank You

Thank you so much. You were very helpful and I look forward to coming back to continue to be re-adjusted. ~ Genieve S

Helped Painful Shoulder

I began seeing Dr. Huston for pain in my shoulders, neck, and low back.  The pain had been there for years and was continuing to get worse.  The pain made it hard to fall asleep at night and I constantly woke up sore and stiff.  Now after 6 months of Chiropractic care I have no pain at all and my quality of life has improved drastically.  Falling asleep is so much easier and waking up pain free is GREAT!!!~Denise Z.

Low Back Pain

When I started seeing Dr. Huston I was vomiting chronically.  I also had a lot of low back pain and numbness in my feet.  The pain in my legs and feet caused a lot of sleeplessness. Over the last few months my vomiting has stopped, I am sleeping better with little or no pain in my legs and feet, and with the numbness in my feet better I can walk and drive much easier.    ~Marjorie B.

Neck And Back Pain

I went to Dr. Huston because my neck and back pain were making it difficult for me to play with my kids, go hiking, and play softball.  I felt a difference right from the first treatment.  In a short time I was not only doing the things I love without pain, but I also noticed that my sinus and allergy problems weren’t bothering me anymore and I was sleeping much better.  Thanks for giving me my life back.~Leo G.

Wow! What A Difference

I first noticed I was having a problem when I would frequently drop my tools while working.  Then my hands began to fall asleep a lot and I was unable to make a tight fist.  As an electrician I was worried that arthritis was setting in and whether or not it would cause disability.  I went to Dr. Huston because my wife got great results and really liked him.  I was starting to have doubts when I didn’t notice much improvement after 3 weeks of treatment, but WOW!  What a difference.  After six weeks my symptoms are gone and I am no longer worried about being on disability.  Dr. Huston is awesome!    ~Michael Z.

Impressive Results

ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 I FOUND AN 11!!  I have been to several chiropractors in the valley for chronic back pain and numbness in my arm and hand.  None were able to relieve this.  After living with these symptoms for over 4 years, I decided to see Dr. Huston at the behest of a friend.  Boy am I glad I did!  I finally found the relief  I was looking for.  Just as impressive as my results was Dr. Huston himself.  He is very friendly and was sincerely concerned about my quality of life.  It was nice to feel like a real human being and not just another appointment.  I have already recommended him to my family and friends. ~Jarom S.

Simply The Best

Dr. Huston is simply the best!  I have been suffering with extreme pain in my right ear and neck along with a high fever.  I have tried two rounds of antibiotics without any relief.  I felt very comfortable talking to Dr. Huston on the phone about my situation and he fit me into his schedule right away.  Immediately after our first session I am no longer suffering any pain.  Dr. Huston has a very special gift of healing. ~Sara R.

Neck Pain

The pain in my neck and back were so bad that I couldn’t sit on the ground and play toys with my two year old daughter.  Because I was pregnant I couldn’t take any pain medication so I decided I would try going to a chiropractor. Dr. Huston not only helped with the pain, but he helped me to understand why I was having pain in the first place.  He taught me exercises I could do while pregnant that would correct the spinal problem for good and keep the pain from coming back.   After two months of regular adjustments I was pain free – and all without ever swallowing a single pill.  Thank you Dr. Huston. ~Angela V.